Lisa Maternity Nurse

A young family’s first week can be very overwhelming and at the same time the best possible start is of the utmost importance. We provide tranquillity and guide parents to become self-reliant, self-assured and skilled in caring for their baby.

We teach parents about the development of their baby and everything they need to know about caring for their baby.
We will administer daily medical checks on mother and baby. We will guide and assist in (breast)feeding and provide the necessary quiet so your new family can get to know each other, bond and enjoy each other.

No maternity week is alike. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities and your individual needs during the intake.

Additional consultation

If you would like assistance in prepping for baby’s arrival feel free to contact us for a pre-natal consultation. Typical topics for this consultation could be getting the house and or room ready for baby, giving birth, family affairs, discussing any fears or anxiety you might have or any other things you would like to discuss before giving birth.

Sometimes going it alone for a few days after the first week is over can raise new questions and warrant an additional consultation just to keep you on the right track. Typical topics for this consultation could be sleeping patterns, feeding, parenting, monitoring baby’s growth or anything else you might want to discuss to keep you on track of confident parenting.