Lisa Maternity Nurse

We were very happy with Lisa right from the beginning and I was glad to first meet with her earlier on in my pregnancy. Lisa is friendly and approachable and we immediately established a good connection with her. The calmness she exudes and her thorough working methods are characteristic of her. By chance she happened to be present and assist during the delivery which gave us a great deal of comfort. In her week with us she focused her attention on the breastfeeding assisting me greatly in its implementation. We look back with great pleasure at that wonderful, helpful and fun week - thanks again Lisa! -Joyce

We had Lisa as our maternity nurse for our third child, Fela. This was very pleasant. Lisa is calm, sweet and caring. What we really appreciated is that Lisa sees what is most needed in the family’s kraamweek. As experienced parents what we needed most was to rest/sleep, help around the house and help with our two eldest. Lisa was very good at creating this rest for us. I was able to catch up on sleep and completely trusted her with Fela. Additionally Lisa is very skilled and knowledgeable and even with a third baby it was nice to have that on hand. Lisa was very supportive in breastfeeding. With my first two I had mastitis so we tried hard to prevent that a third time and managed to do so! In short, I highly recommend Lisa! -Wies

Lisa cared for us during our ‘kraamweek’ after the birth of our first child. We couldn’t have wished for better care! Lisa has a calmness over her that puts you at ease immediately, she gives advice, tips, is honest and interested, professional and coached us in a very natural way through our first ‘kraamweek’. Also Lisa is a very nice person with a good sense of humor so it was also very nice having her around. She absolutely contributed to a wonderful ‘kraamweek’ and if we are ever to have another baby we will not hesitate to ask Lisa again.- Evelien

Lisa was amazingly supportive through my post natal period. She was careful to listen to my needs, understand my background and expectations (as an expat) and provide adequate information prior to the kraam period. Immediately after birth, she was home with us, attentive and helpful through the entire period focusing mainly on mother and baby care as I already had family around for help. I especially appreciate how much she focused on my own rest and recovery, and also how she helped us navigate the Dutch healthcare system to get the optimal care for our baby. I highly recommend working with Lisa! - Nisha

In March 2018 our second child was born. After the birth of our first we had very good maternity care, so our expectations were high. And then there was Lisa, with her peaceful manner, thoroughness and sense of humor she exceeded our expectations from the minute she walked in. She took incredible care of our baby and me, but didn’t lose sight of the wellbeing of our eldest and my husband. Above all Lisa is a nice person and that might be the most important thing when you invite someone into your home at such a vulnerable time. We could not have wished for a better start! - Gea

Lisa provides fantastic maternity care. Thoughtful and well educated. Not only willing to physically and mentally support me but she als took care of my household and daily family stuff that came up. I had maternity care previously with my first child and now with my second child I am certain I made the right choice for Lisa, I highly recommend her! - Avital

Becoming a mother in The Netherlands can be scary if you are a foreigner. The health system is completely different from the one you are used to, your family is not there to help you. I felt overwhelmed. Then I met Lisa and she fixed everything. She was able to calm down my crying baby and my anxieties. In those days, sometimes, you need someone to take over, someone that is able to tell you: “now you go to sleep, I take care of your baby”; and you just go to sleep, knowing your baby is in better hands than your own ones. If I could, I would have had her for more days…and nights. - Laura

Lisa was great and so helpful on all aspects. It makes such a difference to have someone like her by your side, especially after a difficult pregnancy. She took great care of myself, our newborn baby girl and our 2.5 yo son, gave us great advice and was in general very pleasant to be around. Would definitely recommend her! - Aurelie

The birth of our first child was not as expected. She came a month early, spent two weeks in hospital, it was a horrible time. I didn’t have a ‘Kraamweek’, and was very sad about that. With our second child I hoped things would be different, and they were, because of Lisa! I could not have wished for a nicer, sweeter or better maternity nurse. She was calm, sweet and helpful, great with our almost three year old and at times strict with me (which I needed!). We thank Lisa for this beautiful Maternity period and a wonderful memory of our first week as a family of four. - Rianne